Regular, on-time class attendance and participation is required by all registered students. Students are expected to respect teachers and other students; which includes no cell phone use during class.

Dancers who arrive 15 minutes after class starts will not be able to take the class. They are encouraged to sit and watch. We use the first 15 minutes to warm up the body to help prevent injury.


The most crucial time for attendance in performing classes is the six weeks prior to a performance.  If a class is to be missed in this time frame, it is imperative to give your teacher as much advance notice as possible. If you miss more classes than is approved by your teacher, you will be removed from the performance. Please email or phone asap for any absences in performing classes.




Students must have the proper attire. * Hair should be pulled back out of the dancer’s face. Bangs are allowed to hang as long as they do not fall below the eyebrows. Dancers need to be in dress code for their class in order to participate, if not they can sit and watch. See below for specific class requirements.


Creative Movement:

Girls- any color tights, any color leotard, tutu or skirt; ballet slippers or bare feet. (typically, for performances, pink ballet shoes are required for girls) also need a notebook and pencil for this class

Boys- white T-shirt, well fitting shorts or sweats, ballet slippers or bare feet. (typically, for performances, black ballet shoes are required for boys) also need a notebook and pencil for this class

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Dance Samplers and Competitive:  

Girls- any color tights, any color skirt, any color booty shorts, any color leotard, and pink ballet slippers. 
Boys- sweats, shorts, or tights, comfortable top and ballet shoes or bare feet.

Dance Sampler Classes need a notebook and pencil for each student

 Hip Hop, Fitness, Yoga, Dance Fitness and Worship:  

Girls and Boys- sweats, workout pants, shorts or tights, comfortable top (not too loose), jazz shoes, or dance sneaker. ( a dance sneaker can be a street shoe that is NOT worn outside, please ask if you aren't sure)

Jazz/Musical Theater:

Attire: Students should wear dance or yoga clothing (fitted clothes that allow free movement such as leotard and tights or yoga pants and a tank top).  Students will need ballet or jazz shoes AND character shoes.

Tap :

Attire:  Tight-fitting clothing (leotard & tights, or tank top/t-shirt and jazz/yoga shorts or pants).  Hair should be pulled away from face. Dancers should use tights, very thin socks, or bare feet for their tap shoes.

Shoes:  I recommend jazz-taps or the Mary Jane style, black in color.  If you have strong feet/arches, opt for a pair of split-sole shoes. It is also beneficial to have skids (rubber pads) attached behind your toe tap to reduce slipping.  Bloch and Capezio tap shoes can stand up to years of tap dancing.  


Dance shoes and other attire can be purchased through:

Assemble Dancewear 

4425 Dale St. Colorado Springs.

Phone: 719-596-8443  


‎If a student cannot afford what is needed, please let us know. We have leotards, tights and shoes that have been passed down.  

  *Just a note about classes that require a leotard/tights outfit. Leotards are traditionally worn in dance classes for your safety. Ballet, especially, puts students in positions where proper alignment is crucial in preventing injuries. These injuries could affect the formation of muscles in growing children. It is important for our teachers, to make visual assessments and adjustments to achieve proper technique.

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