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Creative Movement: for children ages 3-5 years old; Creative Movement is an introductory class to body movement and awareness. It is ballet based using ballet positions, and concepts on posture, safety, and how to use your body to move and convey a message. All this is taught in a game format. Using examples that children recognize, such as familiar fairy tales. We also work on basic manners like, sharing, taking turns, being kind to those around you, and listening when someone else is talking.

Ballet/Contemporary I: for children ages 6 and older;  expands on the concepts from Creative Movement. We use the first half of the year to work on more complicated ballet movements at a barre, center and across the floor. We work on developing a disciplined mind and body, and practice to continue working when it is hard to do so. This is to build strength and endurance. The second half of the year we do a jazz and contemporary based class. We no longer use the barre but do our warm up center floor. Our music also changes from classical to more modern age appropriate music.

Ballet/Contemporary II: Includes the dance styles of Ballet,Jazz,and Contemporary. This class is similar to Ballet/Contemporary I but we start to work more on memory, self expression, dance terms, and continue to work technique.

Ballet/Contemporary III: This is our top level class. It is the same format at the levels before it. This class builds upon all that was learned previously. This class we expect professionalism in conduct and work ethic. The combinations of movement are taught quickly, expecting the dancer to pick them up fast. We work technique at a very intense level, using body anatomy to explain and then work the technique. We do NOT recommend this class unless you have an extensive background in ballet and modern/contemporary.

Ballet I: This is our basic introduction to the style of Ballet for children 6 and older. We use and work technique that has been around for hundreds of year. At this level we still use some games to teach concepts and proper technique. We start the class out with Barre exercises, working on basic skills of Ballet like plie, tendu, etc. We then move into “center” work,  putting into practice the skills we learned at the Barre. This is a great place to start as a new dancer or one with little experience.

Ballet II:This is our next level up from Ballet I. We continue to work the skills and technique introduced and danced in level I, but without the games and expecting the dancer to work harder and absorb more information. Combinations of movement get harder and we work technique at a deeper level. We do NOT recommend this class unless your are the right age or have some ballet history.

Ballet III:This is our highest level of Ballet. We have continue to work the skills and technique learned in levels I and II. We start to introduce more complicated movement that has built on the technique learned earlier. Combinations move quickly without the breakdown like the previous classes. This class we expect professionalism in conduct and work ethic. We do NOT recommend this class unless you have extensive ballet training.

Boys only Ballet: This class is our boys only dance class taught by Houston.  It will include ballet, with an emphasis on strength, agility, and flexibility. This class is geared towards dancers as well as athletes seeking to cross-train. This class will increase your ability to better perform in your chosen sport with higher levels of body awareness and small motor skills as well as substantially decrease susceptibility to injury.

Hip Hop I: This is our introduction to hip hop. This is a fun class working on basic technique like isolations, waves, etc. It is a great way to get exercise and build friendships. Each class does a basic warm-up, moving into strength training, and stretching. We then go across the floor with slides, walks, etc. Normally we will end the class with a combination of movements from that class.

Hip Hop II: This is our next level up, building on the  movement of the first hip hop class. The class format is the same, but everything moves faster and gets harder, with longer combinations taught quicker. This is a great way to get exercise.

Dance Sampler For Adults: Includes dance styles of Ballet,Jazz,and Modern. Expands on all types of movement. This class moves fast with complicated warm ups. We will start with ballet, but move quickly into other styles of dance. To take this class the dancer needs a strong foundation in ballet, ballet terms, and a good awareness of their body.

Jazz/Musical Theater: The Jazz and Musical Theater combination class will focus on dance technique, developing complex rhythms and patterns, and improving performance quality. Students will be exposed to various styles of jazz such as Broadway and Contemporary to enhance stage presence and performance. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. As students progress through each level, the curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate. 

Tap  : A dynamic and percussive class designed to help dancers develop rhythm and style.  Class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun.  Exercises and combinations focus on building flexibility in the knees and ankles, increasing coordination, and developing musicality.  Tap class is recommended for ages 5 through adult, beginners through experienced.   As students progress through each level, curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate.

Worship: A dance class using all styles of dance to express ourselves and explore our walk with the Lord. We do a lot of improv and self choreography in this class. We will be using movement based on Bible verses and words of truth.

Open Floor Time: Open Floor Time is to be used by a student/s who wants to practice on their own or work on a piece of work. There is no instruction, just an open studio. Critique is available. The studio must be reserved by email or phone a week in advance.

Competitive:  Competitive is a group of dancers who are dedicated to dance and who would like to compete with other studios throughout the Colorado region. This group is by audition/invitation only and the dancer must take at least 4 classes a week. There are 8 total spots for ages 12-19.

 Latin Dance:   -Call to schedule a private-       Latin Dance encourages singles and couples! Latin Dance is a fun way to get exercise while teaching Salsa, Cha-Cha, Cumbia, Borchata and Merengue, This is a great time to learn to work with your spouse, or significant other. It's a great way to connect, laugh, make new friends and enjoy each other.

Acro-dance:  Acro-dance is a class of tumbling skills providing the dancer an introduction into basic acrobatics. This is meant to further enhance competition pieces as well as establishing a tumbling base of experience for the future.  

Barre Fitness: A fitness class inspired by ballet barre, yoga, Pilates and functional training. The focus of the class is to help sculpt lean muscle, develop core strength and increase both muscle insurance and flexibility.

Cardio/Toning: A mix between high-intensity cardio and full-body toning. This class focuses on muscle conditioning in order to improve your cardiovascular system, muscular endurance and agility.

Low-Impact: A class that encourages you to work at your personal comfort level. Low-impact ensures an ease on the joint with a surplus of fun.

Senior Circle: This is our 55+ dance or fitness class. We are gearing this class to our older students who want to move and get exercise in a fun, safe, and and community building environment. Every 1st and 3rd of the month is the fitness class. A low impact but effective group fitness class. The 2nd and 4th of the month is dance. We do line dancing, mostly, but please be open to exploring other kinds of dance. This is about having fun and getting a cardio exercise without even knowing it. Be ready to laugh and have a good time.